A few weeks ago, a video appeared on my YouTube homepage about achieving financial freedom. It was by a creator I really like, who talked about the importance of not needing to buy new things — especially those really expensive purchases like a bigger apartment or new car. For a long time, I have been trying to cut down on buying more things unnecessarily, mainly for the sake of sustainability and the environment, but this video really struck a chord with me. …

At one point, iPhone batteries were notoriously bad. Not only could most not go a full day without a second charge, but many users had to deal with their device dying suddenly when their charge fell below an arbitrary number like 30%. These days, iPhone batteries are often on par with similar spec Android flagship devices, but with the amount of time that most of us spend glued to our six inch screens, these simple tips might just help get you and your phone through the day, or at least to the end of your boring, cramped, mysteriously damp commute.

1. Low power mode

Drew James

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